Executive Movements

Spot business leads and market trends!


This data feed monitors in real time the movements of over 1,250,000 most important executives at over 80,000 largest companies globally. 

For each executive movement, we provide the record date, the movement effective date, the executive position that has been modified, and the company (or subsidiary) in which the move has occurred. 

For any given company, this data feed provides 10 to 50 times more executive movement than usually available on news and financial sites. 

The data feed can be carved out by country, industry or stock indexes (e.g., Russell 3000, S&P 500, Stoxx 600, CSI 800, Fortune 500 or unicorns).



Listed companies must report the names of their key officers and are keen to highlight some of their new hires. Yet over 90% of the key executive moves happen quietly. These are the executive moves that we record and provide in this data feed. 

About 3,000 executive movements are recorded daily in our organizational charts when adding incoming executives, withdrawing quitting executives or updating executives taking new positions. A tiny real-time sample is available on our home page.

Executive movements imprint strategy changes which generate business leads

Companies must relentlessly adapt their senior team to their challenges/opportunities. Executive movements thus unveil tail/head winds in which each company is sailing. 

When a VP of Transformation is nominated, when a VP of Manufacturing abruptly leaves after only 9 months in the position, when a VP of Growth is being hired at a competitor, it is not too hard to guess the headwinds facing the company. 

Executive movements are dependable proxies to detect market trends that can be instantly edged by your team and your data-hungry algorithms.


Data Structure 

The data are delivered daily in HTML on secured FTP servers or in Excel by email. 

For each executive move, the data are highly structured to make your integration easy. Below are the fields that we provide daily for each executive move. 

The company name complemented with the company industry, country, website, phone, organizational chart URL, mother name and stock ticker symbol; 

The Executive name complemented with the current executive business title, the current executive department and the current reporting level; and

The movement type (joining, quitting, being promoted) complemented with the new business title, the new executive department and the effective date they assumed their new position whether it has already occurred or is scheduled for a date in the future. 

Additional fields such as executive biographies or organizational charts can be attached on demand. 



For internal usage, the annual price for the above data fields ranges between $10k and $50k depending on the number of requested companies.


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